What I Know About Freelance Writers

What I Know About Freelance Writers

woman working on laptop at homeWhat a great job – a freelance writer. There are tens of thousands of people who dream of becoming a writer, and we have met quite a number of them. The quality of the writing produced by an individual can vary dramatically, and the level of education may or may not be what hones a writer’s ability to craft great content.

Academia is an environment that completely fails to match up with real life. A young writer can get into some very bad habits in college. Adding fluff (word count), shoddy research and plagiarism are rampant on college campuses throughout America. You cannot assume that a degree in writing, marketing or English literature will get you a writer that can produce quality content, consistently and per your specifications.

The factors that seem to be of greatest value in a writer are the intelligence of the individual, the ability to learn, and a personal interest in producing great content. These qualities can be found in the highly educated and in the self-taught alike, and are based upon personal integrity, dedication to the craft and an ongoing interest in learning and improving. Any great content writer who is writing on a commercial basis must be extremely flexible, a skilled researcher, and be able to move from style to style quickly, without getting stuck on certain words, styles and phrases. A writer that is committed to learning “the ropes” and can write in many styles is a great asset.

Even the most well-known writers have editors to clean up their work. We are big believers in the following process:

  1. Understand what the client wants.
  2. Put a great writer on the project.
  3. Edit the work they produced.
  4. Submit the work – on time.

At Creative WordCraft, Inc. we always work with writers who we trust to be intelligent and who we believe will truly understand what that client wants. All of our work is carefully edited so it meets the requirements and specifications – and even the personality of the client. Whether or not our writer has a college degree is not the sole criteria we work with. We have had success with writers who have law degrees, high school diplomas, Masters Degrees, are drop-outs and everything in between. What we look for is true talent. We look for those who can listen, understand and are motivated to continually increase the quality of their work.

We’d like to tell you that a college degree from the best college will be your answer when looking for freelance writers. The jury is out. Let’s just say, sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. It all depends upon the individual. We always look for the best, and we find them in some very unlikely places.

Contact Creative WordCraft, Inc. when you need professional content that comes out even better than you had envisioned. We take real pride in the quality of our work.


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