Go Ahead. Be a Baby.

Go Ahead. Be a Baby.

Who hasn’t heard “Don’t be a baby!” sometime in their lives? I disagree, I wish people would act more like actual babies. That would be acceptable. I don’t mean whining – I mean having fun.

If an adult acted like a baby, he or she would be honest, direct, super-interested in life, and able to laugh hard about anything. Babies see the best in people – ever notice that? They don’t judge, they just enjoy the connection, no words required.

The best managers on the planet have that quality – the ability to recognize the best in people. Hopefully, the days of the monster/manager breathing down your neck are coming to an end. That’s old school! A baby would never do that. Except maybe to get some ice cream.

I can see it now… it is the new management technique, soon to be found in bookstores and seminars everywhere, “Manage Like a Baby.” I like it. Sadly, someone is bound to take it much too seriously – you know how they do that!

Babies don’t spend a lot of time thinking about anything. Let’s face it – thinking is overrated, it just burns up time and energy. They are in action at all times, and often fall asleep right in the middle of what they are doing, with face in the dinner plate or with a toy in hand. Talk about motivation! It’s the ultimate.

Babies play, adults work, but work is not so radically different than play, is it? Look at it as grown-up play. Work hard, but have fun – a baby sure will. Be a baby.

At our office, we are rarely serious. That doesn’t mean we don’t do great work – we do! We just don’t feel the need to act serious while we get the job done – we’d be bored! No matter how difficult the job, there is always some way to make our work time fun, and worthy of a laugh.

Creative WordCraft would love to have a playdate with your company. We promise not to steal your toys – we know how to share.

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