It’s More Than a Business – It’s a Passion

It’s More Than a Business – It’s a Passion


If you have established a business, you probably spend most of your waking hours obsessing over it. A business has a state of health, and even a personality. Small businesses – those with fewer than 500 employees – make up 99 percent of the businesses in the USA, and generate 64 percent of new jobs in the country, according to the SBA. However, keeping a business alive and flourishing takes talent, resources, the right personnel, and effective marketing.

Marketing: Time to Scrap the Traditional

Traditional marketing no longer produces the results it did in the past, whether print, TV, or radio. Online marketing has taken over as the fastest, most effective way to drive in business, both in-person purchases and buying online. Traditional print pieces are still relevant and function to support your online marketing strategy and raise brand awareness. A print piece will now, most often, lead an interested customer to go to your business website.

Online Marketing

Small business owners are inundated by email promotions, ads, and calls from companies that offer online marketing programs. While a phone or email sales pitch may sound inviting, not all providers have the capacity or knowledge to deliver results on the bottom line. In fact, effective online marketing requires specialists in several fields. Even if you have an in-house marketing team, you cannot expect a few employees, no matter how talented or educated, to cover all the bases.

What Should Online Marketing Cover?

The factors that impact the visibility of your business online include:

Your company website. Your business website should be continuously updated with freshly written and visual content. If your site is older and has an outdated design, it will drive potential customers away from your business. Slow loading pages, an older design, or keyword stuffed content does not work. Your potential customer base expects more.

SEO: SEO techniques cover a vast number of actions on the front end (written or video content, visual appeal), and the back end. On the technical side, there is a lot of ground to cover, starting with mobile search capability, directory listings, metadata, site architecture, XML site map layout, backend keywords, and other technical – but vital actions. Without the full scope of SEO actions performed, your site performance is reduced.

Social Media: Your posts on Instagram, FB, Pinterest, Twitter, and other platforms work to support your brand by pointing users to your business website by implementing various strategies. Each platform appeals to specific users, but these platforms are a critical factor in increasing website traffic.

Content Quality: The quality of your content matters in a big way. Any duplicate content, copied content, or old, keyword heavy content will fail. The ideal content answers real-world questions posed by users, is easy to read, and has relevant search terms used sparingly, whether in headings or the content itself. Every page should be well-researched, and if appropriate, have outgoing links to authoritative websites.

Operation Upgrade: Creative WordCraft, Inc.

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