More About White Label Content

More About White Label Content

There are literally millions of people searching for relevant content, whether to answer a question they have, to find a product, to price check or get a deal, or for other reasons including entertainment, out of interest or in doing research. Sadly, there is an incredible amount of useless material that one has to sift through online, as we all know.

There is nothing less appealing than going to a website or link and finding virtually nothing of value. The tide has definitely turned in content marketing. The expectations of readers are higher, and web searchers are far more sophisticated than they were in the past. Your company will get “no traction” if the content has no relevance to the question being asked. How does white label content come in?

Not all companies with websites have quality writers on staff. Not all incredible website building companies or amazing website designers have the ability to produce interesting content – it is a different skill set. The quality of the content should equal the quality of the design.

High quality, interesting and relevant content is now an urgent issue, particularly with the changes in Google algorithms. The prediction is that all SEO “tricks” will soon not only be useless, these tricks will push you to the back pages. Website design companies could use the services of a writing company that can act as their own writers – white label content. The writers are “your writers.” This is also a service that these companies can charge their clients for and make more profit off the website project, which has generally become of less and less value with the variety of free or low cost templates that are offered by WordPress and other companies.

White label content is a good solution for website designers who have clients that need content, as is usually the case. Marketing firms that once focused upon printed marketing pieces are now being asked by clients to get involved in social media marketing. This could be a new area for them. Help from a content writing firm that has experience in blogs, articles and website content is of great value even to firms that have writers on staff, as it saves money and time.

Hire Writers on Staff or White Label Content?

Do the math! Personnel on your payroll is expensive, and they often produce at a lower volume than those who are hired on a contract basis.  When projects are due within a specific timeframe, there can be a disaster if you don’t deliver. A professional web content writing firm can assist in rush projects, difficult niche industry content, as well as blogs, white papers, articles and any other written material that will be posted as part of the content marketing for the firm.