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Get the research completed before you make decisions about an online marketing campaign.

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We are often called upon to research a range of subjects for our clients, including keyword research, online marketing research, and social media research, as well as more traditional forms of market research.

Laying the groundwork for an effective online marketing campaign must include knowledge about trends in digital media that could impact the outcome of the campaign. Your strategy should be crafted based upon verifiable information and relevant existing data, strictly from the most reputable sources. We avoid the online “chatter” and get to the heart of the matter for you. Who is buying and how do they choose? You need to know.

There are many companies that launch an online marketing campaign without a fundamental understanding of the digital marketplace, and get little to no results. Information regarding your market segment, and how to best engage with these individuals or buyers can allow you to launch a campaign that connects with real people.

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Get the research completed before you make decisions about an online marketing campaign. You could be shocked to discover what your target market segment is actually talking about – including what is being said about your company. Do you have an understanding of what is being shared about your business by your existing clients or customers? If not, a social media audit could be the first critical action before you launch a new campaign.


The most brilliantly conceived marketing campaign can utterly fail if it does not correctly communicate to the identified target market.


Your digital marketing strategy may be best launched by first establishing a community through engagement with influential bloggers that discuss your industry or service, or by creating an email marketing campaign in which every detail, from subject line to content, is crafted to reflect the issues that are likely to interest those who are likely to buy or use your product or service. You have only a few seconds to engage a potential customer – by researching the ever-changing digital market you increase the ability to achieve the objective of the campaign – new customers or clients who buy.


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