Content Marketing

Content Marketing: You Need Quality

Content Marketing ConceptThere has been a significant shift in what is important with regard to web content, as well as blogs and articles. No matter what your website builder may tell you, the content on your site is the most critical factor in whether you will actually get a prospective client/customer to click through to your site. Using your content to get results is the big shift away from TV, paper, and paid advertising. Content marketing demands that all of your content is high quality.

The reason that a website builder may not focus on content or content marketing your site is that they are not writers. Their expertise is in programming the site so it functions, as well as the graphic presentation. When choosing a website builder, the issue of content is often left up to the client. This can lead to content being produced by someone – anyone – who has writing skills at your company. If you ask your website builder for a writer, they often have no real idea where to tell you to get your content written, or if they have a contact, they don’t know if the content is good, bad or indifferent.

Many people don’t realize that a huge number of websites are actually built overseas (even when sold in the US), and these companies, whether in the Philippines, India, Turkey or other location will offer to provide content if asked. Who wrote it? Who knows. Is it original? Maybe, but unlikely. Does it make sense? Probably not. Do you know how to check and see if the content you paid for is original? One of the easiest ways is to just select a sentence and Google it. In many cases, there are literally hundreds of sites with the same content, an unfortunate fact of life when dealing with an overseas company.

Quality Counts: Get it Right the First Time.

Content marketing demands a specific set of skills, beyond just the ability to put together a coherent sentence. Has your writer done research to find out what terms are the most searched for in your industry, and ensured that these terms are woven into the content in a sensible and non-intrusive way? There is an art to the process and without understanding the current standards, you can get less than you wanted for all the money you spent on your site.

How do you find a professional source for content? There is a huge range of options that you can find when you Google “professional content writers.” There are many companies that outsource all of their content, and are a “clearing house” for assignments. They may charge you for content that they paid someone in a distant land to produce at $2 a page – and the lack of quality is apparent.

If your website builder directs you to a writer, you should find out who they are, and where they are based. Current standards demand that your site has unique, relevant content and links. When you realize it is time to get serious about implementing content marketing, our firm is here to offer the professional writing you need.

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