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Have you read your own website content lately?


Every word on your website makes a difference. Does the first sentence and paragraph engage the reader? Does your website content include the correct search terms? If not, you have essentially wasted the time, cost and effort of launching the site. There is much more to website content than just presenting information about your company, products and services.

Do you have links to other relevant pages or articles? Do you have links within the site to the other site pages that could assist the reader to find what they are looking for? If you don’t, you will lose their interest in about 4 seconds, by recent survey. At Creative WordCraft, Inc. our professional web content writers craft unique content crafted specifically to engage users.

Organic SEO

Creating professional web content that is easy to read, smooth, and interests the reader, that also includes keywords and terms is an art. Content with spelling errors, that is heavily laden with keywords, or doesn’t offer any relevant data only detracts from your professional image. This type of content will never help your site rank in the long term, no matter what you have been told by SEO marketing companies that contact you.

Those who are searching for a product or service will leave a badly written site with spelling errors, or content that provides too much detail or technical information with unfamiliar terms. You are communicating to a target market and the content must appeal to that individual reader – directly.

Recycled, boring or heavily keyword laden content is a loser. Duplicate content, even from your own site, reduces search engine ranking. If you have several sites, each must have original content. If you are offering information, Wikipedia is not the right source! You need accurate research, relevant information, and material that generates real interest.

At Creative WordCraft, Inc., our professional website content writers have produced hundreds of thousands of webpages. We have the experience, professional skill and knowledge that you need for website content. We are not a web design firm, but are affiliated with top designers, programmers and SEO marketing firms if you are at the beginning of the process.

Stand Out By Showcasing Your Uniqueness

You have something to offer that is unique. Why would a potential client or customer choose your company? These individual strengths, or “core competencies” must be presented in your content. Our content gives a reason to contact you. Our professional writing team at Creative WordCraft, Inc. is expert at presenting you, your company and those unique qualities that make your enterprise the one to choose. These can include your approach to the business, your level of customer service, your experience, training, successes or other elements that make your business more interesting than others with similar services. We know how customers think, and what it takes to interest them in your services or products.

For more information on how we can provide professional web content and increase your visibility on the web, contact us today!

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