White Papers, eBooks and Scripts

White Papers

A white paper must stand the test of time, cite trusted authorities, and present accurate facts, data and research in a cohesive manner. These are important pieces, and if you have research that you want to present to the public but are not a writer, or want to produce a white paper that culls and distills data from several studies or research, we are ready to get to work for you.

As with any piece of writing, you want the white paper to be read by those who are interested in your topic. It takes real skill to create a white paper that is readable by the target audience, hits the high points, and gets shared and cited in other content.

At Creative WordCraft, Inc., we not only create highly readable white papers, we can create infographics and graphic design to make your white paper much more professional. Every project is different and unique, but we are flexible and smart in how we work with even the most technical data and then present it in readable form with the correct density of data. Connect with us if you need a white paper written. We’d like to get involved.

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Want to become an authority on your area of expertise? An eBook goes a long way to achieving this goal. Your book can be posted online, or offered to potential customers through an email marketing campaign. You can have an eBook available on your site to capture email addresses of potential customers or clients. Want an eBook? We can help.


Do you have a great movie idea? Do you need a script for your company for a TV or radio ad, or for a webinar you want to present? Don’t go with the boring, hackneyed or overused – get original and get noticed. We have award-winning script writers on our team. Talk to us if you need a script of any type, for any media.

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