Ten Ways to Write Blogs About Ten Ways To Do Something

Ten Ways to Write Blogs About Ten Ways To Do Something

Okay, it’s a joke. It struck me that the whole idea of “ten ways to…” may be getting slightly hackneyed, but my suspicion is that they will keep on coming.

It is true that people want to consume information in handy, bite-sized bits, and the “ten ways to” format definitely delivers—as long as there are actually ten good ways to do…whatever.

If we have to write a “ten ways” or “five ways” or any number of ways, this is how we approach it:

  1. Figure out what the targeted user most likely needs to know.
  2. Research the facts behind the activity on government, educational, or industry sites.
  3. Determine the order of the “ten ways,” from most important to least important.
  4. Create the content in a manner that is simple, straightforward, and free of fluff.
  5. Provide ALL of the information the user needs.
  6. Under each bullet point or number list, explain.
  7. Provide a citation for every source at bottom of page.
  8. Edit the content, to ensure it communicates, and delivers the goods.
  9. Add any elements that the client requests, such as links to homepage or other page.
  10. Deliver to client.

If you want to know something, fast, the “ten ways” format is pretty handy. We can write ten ways, or any number of ways, and in any voice, for any industry.

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