Web Content Writing is an Art

Web Content Writing is an Art

There are thousands of excellent writers in the world. Journalists, novelists, poets, advertising copywriters, scriptwriters … all of these writers deserve our admiration and respect. Being a writer is a tough vocation.

What is rarely understood is that web content writing requires a different skillset. Companies may hire a pro writer to produce web content, with high hopes. No matter how many awards a published author or journalist may have, there may be a lack of understanding of the essential elements of great online content. Without this knowledge, the content falls flat.

It doesn’t mean the article, blog, or webpage wasn’t well-written. It probably was. The point is that people consume online content differently than other written material.

You Have Four Seconds

The first factor that makes web content writing unique is the fact that there are only a few seconds in which to snag interest. The content must be geared to engage, pulling attention at first glance. If you fail, the user moves on – don’t you?

Let’s face the truth. Just a “view” of your site, or a great ranking, won’t increase your bottom line.  Are you making it easy for users to “convert” and contact you, or does the content make them bounce off? Even one sentence or paragraph that is too long can be a death sentence.

No matter how flashy your site or how stunning its design, without good content, it goes nowhere.

Working with these elements is the art of web content writing. It takes knowledge and a deep understanding of organic search (not paid ads) to produce web content that pulls people to your site and engages them – whether a blog, article, webpage, or landing page.

Some of the essentials of writing great web content include:

  • An engaging title.
  • Originality. “Spinning” someone other writer’s content is just wrong.
  • Use of H1, H2, and H3 headings to break up the article/web page/blog/landing page for easy scanning and reading.
  • Short sentences that get directly to the point.
  • Wording that is appropriate for the potential buyer/client/customer, rather than the use of unfamiliar words or industry lingo.
  • Real questions answered, with valuable, relevant data.
  • The use of bullets to punch up key points for potential clients/customers.
  • The correct use of keywords and phrases so it reads smoothly and easily.
  • The use of calls-to-action, providing various points at which the user can connect without scrolling up or down.
  • The addition a few links to direct the user to more information, or to source data.

Find a Professional Web Content Writer

There are many great writers hired to produce content who, sadly, miss the boat. Yes, you must be a good writer – that goes without saying. But – being a good writer does not make you qualified to produce professional web content. It doesn’t mean you couldn’t learn the skill, but it IS a unique skill that requires educating oneself in this form of writing.

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