White Label Content Makes Financial Sense

White Label Content Makes Financial Sense

When does it make sense to hire a content writing team to produce web pages, blogs and articles? It always makes sense from the viewpoint of corporate costs – and when the prices are affordable. Your company can save tens or hundreds of thousands a year, depending upon the amount of content that must be produced, and the number of writers you need on staff. There are extensive costs in hiring employees, far beyond just their weekly salary. Payroll taxes, health insurance, and other obligations make each page of content expensive, and there is no certainty that an in-house writer will turn out volume, quality content once they are settled in and on payroll.

No Outsourcing

When it does not make sense to contract out your content is when you are unsure if you will get quality, such as when the assignment is outsourced overseas, and when you have no content source you can call upon to send in quality, volume content writing assignments on time.

At Creative WordCraft, Inc., all of our writers are based in the USA, and we never outsource. We take pride in always submitting high quality, interesting content, and we are flexible, affordable and can be trusted to turn in our work on time – even when you need it on a rush basis.

Website builders can wait for months for their clients to submit the content for their sites. These companies can refer clients directly to our firm, or can use us as their “own” content writing team on a white label basis.

Marketing firms that once were asked to produce brochures and other hard marketing pieces are now being asked to provide their clients with social media marketing. They can call upon us to produce articles, blogs, and tweets and manage Facebook postings that are in alignment with their client’s brand and current marketing strategy.

Look at the numbers. You can save your firm and make more profit when you hire a trusted content writing firm for white label content. Contact our firm for more information. We have a fast turnaround and always produce 100% unique, optimized content.