Email Campaigns and Blogger Outreach

When creating a strategy to get your company noticed, consider a blogger outreach program. Blogger outreach is a method by which you can engage with influential bloggers and get them to do the work for you by sharing your information with all of their followers. It takes a skillful approach, and cannot be automated. You actually need to engage with the bloggers, and give them something they are interested in and want, and provide some type of prize or advantage they can offer their readers.

Blogger outreach involves the creation of a news landing page with tons of great content, including video, infographics and other data that they can use in their specific zone. We have worked on several of these programs and they are shockingly effective. One company increased their total sales 400% over a six-month period – nice results, right? Find out more about blogger outreach. It is a new, effective way to get the word out, and make it happen fast.


Email Campaigns

You might believe that an email campaign will be a great way to capture new business, but will it? Everything about your campaign must be carefully crafted for it to work for you. The subject line is critical, as it must inspire a click rather than a “delete.” The information you present must engage the reader and provide some real data that is relevant and interesting to the targeted public. You should make an offer that inspires further engagement.

Graphic design makes a difference too. Get help with your email marketing campaign so you have a better chance of pulling new customers or clients. It takes skill, knowledge and deep insight into user response to create an email marketing campaign that gets results. Talk to us about your ideas – we are ready to listen.

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